Do Dogs Have Rebellious Adolescence Phase?

Yes. Study shows that dogs will go through a rebellious teenage phase, just like us humans.Here is what you need to know about dog’s Rebellious Teenage Phase.

Dogs Have Rebellious Teenage Phase Like Humans

Does your dog ever go through a phase that be rebellious, unreasonable, uneasy to parent, and very emotional?  

The teenage years are tough for humans, especially parents and family members. We hate authority, make risky behavior, and barely think the consequences. A breaking survey has proved that dogs also go through a similar teenage phase just like us humans. Read on to check if your dog is experiencing this phase.

Puppies Puberty Affects Their Behavior

Dogs become unreasonable and difficult to parent during this phase! Study shows that when a pooch enters adolescence, their bodies are also fraught with hormones, and they need an outlet for their raging hormones. How did researchers find this?

Pre and Post-Puberty Study of Service Dogs

Lucy Asher is the main author of the new study, published in Biology Letters. Lucy and her team measured how obedience changed in dogs before and after puberty by collecting data of training guide dogs. And let’s look what they did.

Obedience Before VS After Puberty Hits

A group of 70 guide dogs at five and eight months old was measured. Study reveals that before puberty puppies are likely to take orders. However, after puberty, the dogs refused to take commands and become defiant, unreasonable, difficult to parent just like human teenagers. It is obvious that dogs were more rebellious against people who are close to them. 

Attachment and Attention Seeking Behaviors Tied to the Age of Puberty

The researchers discover that dogs who like to sit close to humans, or show separation anxiety, such as shaking when stayed alone. Anxious dogs have been shown to enter puberty earlier at about five months.

How to deal with Doggy Teenage Rebellion? -Love Your Pet and Go Through with Her

Please don’t worry if you raise a teenage dog. This puberty phase will pass much more quickly if given more attention. Just keep loving that rebellious little dog as much as you always do, and she will go through this phase soon.

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